2015 employment outlook strongest since 2007

Employers are growing their teams this year, with recruiters saying hiring confidence is at its highest level in five years.

Recruitment firm Hudson’s latest report finds that a net 28.1% of employers across the country intend to increase permanent staff numbers in the first quarter of the year, up 6.2% compared to the same time last year.

The latest ‘Manpower Employment Outlook Survey’ indicates a similar forecast for 2015, with 31% of employers planning to increase hiring, and only 6% planning to reduce staff – making it the strongest overall forecast reported by New Zealand employers since 2007.

Executive General Manager of Hudson New Zealand Roman Rogers says the balance of economic indicators in 2014 has set the country up for a stronger, more consistent year and he expects the current levels of optimism and hiring to hold steady in 2015. This optimism is complemented by a falling unemployment rate and rising net migration.

Stand-out sectors that are hiring

Professions with the strongest positive hiring sentiments include:

  • human resources (43.2%)
  • supply chain and procurement (33.8%)
  • financial services (31.7%)
  • information, communication and technology (28.8%)
  • office support (20.6%)
  • accounting and finance (8.8%).

Competition for contractors

The news isn’t all good for employers on the hunt for contractors, with competition for specific skill-sets likely to become fiercer. For example, 20.5% of managers in the ICT sector say they’re planning to take on more contractors.

Talent shortages may lead to pressure on employers’ budgets as they compete with one another for top-tier talent.

Contractor roles in particular demand include:

  • business analysts
  • project managers
  • software developers
  • ICT architects.

Work-life balance overtakes salary

A complementary study by Hudson - The Hiring Report: The State of Hiring in New Zealand 2015 - says that work-life balance has, for the first time, overtaken salary as the primary motivator for professionals. The study found that when looking for a new role employees valued:

  • work life balance and flexible arrangements (69%)
  • higher salary (68%)
  • a good cultural fit (63%)
  • career progression and/or training opportunities (56%)
  • better benefits (48%)
  • alignment with a company’s values (38%)
  • a better job title (10%).

Growing your team this year?

Employee Cost Calculator icon

Ultimately, it’s expected that attracting top talent will continue to be a challenge so effective hiring needs to see both parties getting what they need.

If you’re thinking of taking on a new employee this year, check out Businesss.govt.nz’s Employee Cost Calculator – use it to quickly estimate the fixed and discretionary costs of a new employee.

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