Happy holidays from business.govt.nz

This year we helped Kiwi businesses three million times. Thousands of you gave feedback and helped shape our tools. Next year we start personalising our services.

2018: big numbers for small business

This year there were over 3 million sessions on our website, 25% higher than last year. Each month on average our content was accessed around a quarter of a million times.

New tools and resources, shaped by you

With help from our 100+ partners from across government and the private sector, and thousands of small business who provided feedback and design insights, this year we launched a heap of new tools and resources, including:

  • the Choose Business Structure tool, which poses three quick questions to help you choose the right business structure. The tool has been really popular, with 48,058 sessions since it launched in July.
  • a new version of ONECheck, which allows you to check business names, trade marks, web domains and social media usernames in one simple search. It’s been used over half a million times since relaunch in April.
  • the New Zealand Business Performance Panel, made up of experts from New Zealand and around the world. The panel continues helping business.govt.nz create tools and new business performance content to improve productivity and management practices.
  • new Business Performance resources helping small businesses improve management, leadership and finances, which has been accessed 55,000 times.
  • the first ever Productivity Week.
  • two new workplace policies (external link) to keep your staff healthy, happy and productive in our Workplace Policy Builder tool.

2019 is all about you

This year we talked to thousands of different Kiwi businesses up and down New Zealand, along with many business advisors and supporters.

Over and over businesses have told us they find it difficult to understand what applies to their particular situation, and where they can go for further help.

So we’re working with the public sector, expert advisors, industry groups and regional business partners to start personalising information to your needs.

We also want to get better at connecting you with expert help in your regions, when you need it. We want you to get the right advice for your business, at the right time.

The first thing we’re doing is working to personalise this newsletter to your needs. In 2019, we’ll be asking you what you want to hear about so we can bring you the most relevant updates and information for you and your business.

In 2018, the World Bank said New Zealand was the easiest place in the world to do business. While this is great, we think we can keep striving in 2019 to help Kiwi businesses fly.

See you then!

Matt Kennedy-Good and the team at business.govt.nz