ACC: Rego rates fall

Driving got cheaper for most vehicle owners this month as the ACC levy portion of the rego fell by a third on average.

From July 1 2016, the ACC levy portion of the rego fell for most vehicle owners by an average of 33% — from $194.25 to $130.26 per vehicle. Levy rates for light and heavy goods service vehicles and passenger vehicles over 3,500kg also fell for both petrol and non-petrol vehicles.

The petrol levy remains unchanged at 6.9 cents a litre.

Motor vehicles and levies (external link) — ACC

To check your rego, plug your licence plate number into the ACC website (external link) .

Levy rates remain unchanged. However, ACC has reduced the motorcycle safety levy from $30 to $25 a year.

Motorcycle levy (external link) — ACC

Vehicle risk rating

The risk rating assesses how well a vehicle protects its occupants and other road users in an accident.

Some ratings have changed so levies better reflect the risk of injury with different cars. However, the vast majority now pay a reduced levy.

Vehicle risk ratings (external link) — ACC

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