Checklist: Companies Amendment Act changes

You have until 28 October to get ready for changes to director requirements. Use our quick and easy checklist to make sure you’re compliant.

If your business is a registered company, a law change means you must have a director who lives in New Zealand – or who lives in Australia and is a director of an Australian registered company – by 28 October 2015.

You’ll also need to provide some extra information about directors and any ultimate holding company with your next annual return.

Make sure you’re sorted by following this quick and easy checklist:

Companies Amendment Act

By 28 October 2015 make sure:

  • your company has at least one director who:
    • lives in New Zealand; or
    • lives in Australia and is a director of an Australian registered company. You’ll be asked for the Australian company’s name, address and Australian Company Number (ACN). (Note: if your company has more than one director living in Australia and they are a director of an Australian registered company, each director will be required to provide the details of an Australian company that they are a director of).
  • you provide the following details of any ultimate holding company (if applicable):
    • name of the ultimate holding company
    • its registration number or code (if any)
    • its country of registration
    • its registered office.

You can update these details online on the Companies Office website (external link)

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