Video marketing: Funding and workshops

High-quality videos are a great way to promote your business overseas. From co-funding grants to video production workshops, help is at hand to showcase your business.

What help can I get?

To help small businesses with overseas marketing costs, independent agency New Zealand Story has launched a new service Creative Collective. It offers ways to create high-quality videos to promote your business, including:

  • funding up to half your video production costs to a maximum $7,500 — called a ‘co-investment payment’
  • a list of video production companies skilled in telling New Zealand business stories to global audiences
  • access to free workshops and tools to help shape your story, eg images, videos, market research, presentations and infographics. 


How to apply?

The next round of applications for co-investment payments is open until 30 May 2017 and will be awarded June 2017. Apply through the New Zealand Story website.

Apply for funding and register for free workshops and tools (external link) — New Zealand Story

Case study

Exhibiting value

Dexibit, a start-up that uses digital data to help art galleries and museums understand visitors, used New Zealand Story tools for its website, presentations and brochures. 

“We were very fortunate that NZ Story’s creative concept matched beautifully with how we wanted to present our brand,” says Dexibit’s Chief Executive Officer, Angie Judge.

Dexibit also applied for a ‘co-investment payment’ from NZ Story’s new Creative Collective service which meant they could afford to make a video to share with cultural institutions overseas.

Angie says that showing what they’ve achieved with clients such as Auckland Art Gallery will really help them inspire museums and galleries around the world to invest in visitor data.

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