Grant offers study with best in business

If your small business exports or operates overseas, a Prime Minister's Business Scholarship can halve the costs of studying at one of the world's best business schools.

Studying at the London School of Economics, Harvard or another top business school can help you:

  • hone your business skills
  • expand your global networks
  • bring back valuable knowledge to New Zealand. 

The cost of doing this is out of reach for most small business owners. The scholarships make it more affordable by reimbursing up to half the fees — your business must pay the rest.

To qualify for a scholarship, your business must be exporting or operating internationally and the course you choose must:

  •  be at least four weeks’ in total length
  •  start between August 2017 and the end of October 2018. 

Applications close at 12pm, Friday 28 April.

Apply for a scholarship [now closed] — Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

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